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About Us

Savannah's Stickers started out as daddy-daughter time making fun stickers with vinyl. The "company" has always been self sustaining and has grown with Savannah's interests. From stickers, to apparel, accessories, and now gumballs...who would have thought. Thanks to all those who continue to support Savannah and provide us this opportunity to learn and goof-off together. This experience has been a blessing.


Savannah is so excited to partner with St. Jude

Savannah just made her first donation - 9/10/18

Keep your eyes open for the new machine labels.


1st GOAL (15 machines) ACHIEVED thanks to Clayton business owners!!! - 6/30/2018


Check out the new link at the top on Gumballs. Savannah's Stickers now offers gumball machines for your business. Currently, there are 8 flavor options (Assorted, Original, Gimmer Gum, Birthday Cake, DC Comics, Splat, Cotton Candy, and Baseball). In just one year, she has gone from 1 machine to 15!!!


Savannah just doubled her inventory!!!

Savannah is still "Poppin" in Clayton. She just doubled her inventory for a total of 49 machines....one short of her final goal. 4/13/2019